Frequently asked questions

Online markets

What is an Online market?

A CBC Online market is a virtual market, hosted on the Creative Babes Club Instagram platform - along with market day content on the CBC website - where stall holders will be showcased, with their market day products and at-home stalls.

How do I apply for a CBC Online market?

Apply on the Creative Babes Club website, here babes!

Are they any requirements to apply?

You must have a small, independent or creative business. Either product or service based.
You must have an Instagram page and/or a clear method of sales and payment. You must be able to set up an at-home stall on market day (content can be pre-recorded) and chat with your CBC customers on market day. You must be visible within your brand and be consistently active on Instagram. Other than that, no babes! I look forward to your application babes, you can find the complete CBC T&Cs here!

I have applied to be a stall holder, when will I hear back?

Only invited stall holders will receive an application response, once the online applications have closed.

I have previously applied for/taken part, can I apply again?

Yes! Absolutely! However, taking part in a CBC Online market does not guarantee you a place in future CBC markets and/or events. Appy here!

Is there a fee to be a stall holder?

Yes, it is currently £45 per stall holder! This is an upfront non-refundable payment, which can be made via bank transfer. Your stall holder place cannot be secured until I receive your payment. Once you've paid, you cannot be refunded and dates cannot be swapped.

Do the CBC take a % of my market day sales or commission?

No! Stall holders receive 100% of their market day sales/profit and the Creative Babes Club does not take any commission. Just an upfront, non-refundable £30 stall holder payment.

Can I get a refund if I cancel or can no longer participate?

No, you are not able to get a refund in any circumstances. This is clearly explained prior to, during and after the application process.

Can I swap or transfer which market dates I take part in?

No, once you have paid and secured your stall holder place, you cannot swap or change your market dates. Please ensure that you are able to take part in the specific market dates before applying.

What do stall holders have to do on market day?

On market day, each stall holder will have created an at-home stall and display of their products/services that are on sale. The at-home stalls will be showcased on each stall holders own socials/website/shop etc. as well as on the CBC. Market day/at-home stall content can be prerecorded or captured on market day. I strongly reccomend that stall holders are to be as active, visable and vocal as possible on market day - to encourage sales and engagement! The CBC will be pointing customers in your direction, grab their attention!! Show off your business! Share with your audience and the CBC your at-home stall, talk through your products, your brand story, what inspires you, what offers you have for CBC market day .... Chat to the camera, behind the camera, make IGTVs, Reels, go LIVE and make the most of your Instagram stories!

Are there any hastags to use for CBC Online markets?

Yes babes! Use and search the hashtags .... #creativebabesclubonlinemarket #creativebabesclubpopup #shopsmallshopindie ... and tag @creativebabesclub

Do I need a shop or website to apply or take part?

No, as long as you clearly advertise your method of payment as much as possible on your Instagram page. For example, if you take orders and commissions through Instagram direct message (DM) via bank transfer or Paypal, clearly explain this on your Instagram bio/profile. The CBC will also inform the CBC customer of your sales and payment method.

How long is a CBC market on for?

The virtual doors open to the market at 11am until 5pm! However stall holders and customers can of course still interact, post, shop and continue the CBC party! Also, market day offers and discounts can continue at the stall holders discretion.

Do I have to be based in the UK to take part?

No babes! As long as you can take part on market day 11am-5pm UK time, I would love to have you apply! We have had creative babes take part from Austrailia, Majorca, Canada ..

How to shop?

What is an CBC online market?

The Creative Babes Club Online markets are a virtual market - of creatives, small and independent businesses - that is held on the CBC Instagram and website. (You can tap the link in the @creativebabesclub Instagram bio on market day!) It is an online event and celebration of creativity, empowering and supporting creatives and small/indie business owners, coming together as a community to network, meet likeminded babes, shop, browse and have the BEST TIME. At 11am (UK time), the CBC stall holders and their at-home stalls are featured on the CBC website and from 11am (UK time) the stall holders are featured in a detailed product/market day post on the Creative Babes Club Instagram grid. Until 5pm (UK time), when the Creative Babes Club close the virtual doors to the event.

How do I shop the CBC Online market?

There are a few ways to shop the CBC Online markets, including: Visiting the Creative Babes Club website from 11am (UK time) on market day, to see and browse through the creative babes stall holders' at-home stalls and products! (You can click straight through to their shop babes!) Searching the #creativebabesclubonlinemarket hashtag on Instagram! (At any time) By visiting the Creative Babes Club Instagram grid and scrolling through the creative babes stall holder line up and their in detail, stall holder features, products and market day exclusive discounts and offers! There will also be Instagram stories swipe ups available on the afternoon of the Online market!

Are there any hastags I can search on CBC market day?

Yes babes! You can search (and use) the hashtag #creativebabesclubonlinemarket ... to browse all present and previous CBC stall holders and market day content.

Do the CBC take any commission or % for stall holder sales?

No babes! The Creative Babes Club take absolutely no commission or % of stall holder sales or profits. The stall holders pay an upfront 'stall holder fee' and that is it.

Are there any discounts or CBC market day offers?

Yes!!!! A lot of Creative Babes Club stall holders offer exclusive sales, discount codes and CBC market day offers - all of which will be included in the stall holder's feature post on the Creative Babes Club Instagram grid.

How do I find out who is taking part in a CBC Online market?

The CBC stall holders are officially announced on the Creative Babes Club website on the week of the Online market. Keep your eyes peeled on the Creative Babes Hub and Instagram page for the latest sneak peeks!!!

Do I shop with stall holders directly?

Yes babes! The Creative Babes Club website and Instagram are the platform for stall holders to be showcased and for customers to browse each at-home stall. The CBC point customers in the direction of each stall holder's Instagram page, website and/or online shop - where you will shop their products directly!

What times are the CBC Online markets open?

All Creative Babes Club Online markets open their virtual doors at 11am UK time, and the Creative Babes Club, the market day host/organisers and stall holders will be interacting, celebrating and showing you their products and at-home stall until 5pm. Although the market "officially" closes at 5pm, UK time, the shop small-shop indie-party can and absolutely WILL continue!!!

How can I support stall holders on CBC market day?

By buying their amazing products! Giving them a follow, favourite their shop, turn on notification reminders on their socials, sign up for their newsletters! Like their posts, save and share their posts! Comment and send them lovely messages and interact with them! Ask questions! Talk about their products and their brand with your fave babes, family, friends, work colleauges and SPREAD THE MAGIC!

I don't live in the UK - can I shop the CBC Online market?

Yes!!!!!! Absolutely babes. You can shop any stall holders that offer international shipping!