Online market T&Cs

Stall holder fees cannot be refunded and market dates cannot be swapped   


The Creative Babes Club takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to your stock 


The Creative Babes Club does not hold any liability for stall holders’ products, services, sales and/or returns. Nor any customer issues/faults with items or services purchased on market day 


The Creative Babes Club takes no commission for stall holder sales 


Being a stall holder does not guarantee you a place at the next/future events


Disrespect, cruel-intent, lack of co-operation and non-supportive, negative or nasty behaviour - towards the market day host, organisers, stall holders and customers and/or community is not tolerated. In such an event, your stall holder place will be revoked and you will not be refunded


By paying the stall holder fee (£45) you are securing your place in the Creative Babes Club online market and agreeing to all of the information and T&Cs above